Snabba förändringar i isens kvalitet på norra halvklotet och konsekvenser för uppnåendet av flera globala mål för hållbar utveckling

Tidsperiod: 2020-12-01 till 2024-11-30

Projektledare: Gesa Weyhenmeyer

Finansiär: Vetenskapsrådet

Bidragstyp: Projektbidrag

Budget: 3 850 000 SEK

The main goal of this project is to provide a mechanistic understanding of lake ice property changes in a warmer world and to predict and forecast effects on nature and society. A few studies are available that describe ecological and societal consequences of shorter lake ice cover but none of these studies considers changes in ice properties such as crystal structure, impurities and thickness of ice. This fundamental knowledge gap is problematic since changes in ice properties are decisive for ice stability/safety as well as the light, thermal and mixing regime in lakes, which in turn determines the ecology under ice. To fill this important knowledge gap we will perform detailed and novel studies on ice properties and their effects on ice stability and primary production, two aspects that have a direct linkage to the achievement of several global sustainable development goals. We will apply methods ranging from field and mesocosm observations to modelling and experimental, high-resolution Fabric Analyser analyses in a well-equipped and specialized ice laboratory. We believe that our project will give new and important insights into the challenges and opportunities that a less frozen future will have on the achievement of freshwater related sustainable development goals.