Provbedömning och preparering vid XFEL och XBI: Från levande celler till nanokristaller

Tidsperiod: 2016-01-01 till 2019-12-31

Projektledare: Janos Hajdu

Medarbetare: Henry Chapman, Martin Aepfelbacher, Jakob Andreasson, Filipe Maia, Tomas Ekeberg

Finansiär: Vetenskapsrådet

Bidragstyp: Stöd till forskningsmiljö

Budget: 10 000 000 SEK

X-ray free-electron lasers bring fundamentally new opportunities for research in physics, chemistry, materials science and biology. Studies in biology report on living cells, cell organelles, individual virus particles and nanocrystals. The European XFEL will produce 2.3 billion ultra-intense X-ray pulses per day, outperforming existing facilities. Biological exploitation of such pulses requires new infrastructures and robust solutions. The stability of biological samples is limited. Efficient use of beam time at XFEL will require on-site support to the life-science community in the generation, handling and scoring of samples. This proposal brings together world-leading scientists in the biological exploitation of free-electron lasers to establish a unique research infrastructure for testing crystalline and non-crystalline samples at XBI and XFEL. We will develop new techniques for screening and sorting of viruses, cell organelles, cells and various nanocrystals. Scoring will be based on innovative methods using Second Harmonic Generation, Dynamic Light Scattering and using microfluidic devices. Further instruments will be developed for controlling aerosolised samples. The XBI Biological Infrastructure is under construction and will be available for occupation in February 2016. The application is timely. The project on sample preparation, screening and scoring aims to enable frontier research in life sciences at the European XFEL from the 1st day of operation.