Bioaktiva substanser för potentiell farmaceutisk användning bland srilankesiska medicinalväxter

Tidsperiod: 2014-01-01 till 2016-12-31

Projektledare: Sunithi Gunasekera

Medarbetare: Ulf Göransson, Chamari Hettiarachchi, Adam Strömstedt, Sunithi Gunasekera

Finansiär: Vetenskapsrådet

Bidragstyp: Projektbidrag

Budget: 751 000 SEK

The overall objective of this project is to evaluate the potential of traditional Sri Lankan medicinal plants as a source of novel biolgically active molecules that can be used as leads or tools for medical applications. In particular, we will focus on bioactive peptides with anti-microbial and anti-cancer/cytotoxic properties. The specific aims are to:1. Identify and collect plants used in the Ayurvedic medicinal system, through a literature and fied survey. 2. Chemically characterize plant extracts, using chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry and NMR. 3. Biologically evaluate crude aqueous and lipophilic plant extracts for their anti-microbial, anti-cancer and cytotoxic activities. 4. Gain insights into biosynthesis of specific peptides by analyzing the genetic arrangement of bioactive peptides and their processing enzymes.The complementary expertise between the participating groups gives the project an unique research profile: Both high molecular weight (eg. peptides) and low molecular weight natural products will be studied for their structure activity relationships. The project will foster ties between researchers in Sri Lanka and Sweden, and result in exchange of knowledge in various aspects of natural products research.