Att minnas det förflutna och leva framtiden. Om luthersk tradition och teologi i förändring.

Tidsperiod: 2013-01-01 till 2013-12-31

Projektledare: Carl-Henric Grenholm, Grenholm Carl-Henric

Finansiär: Vetenskapsrådet

Bidragstyp: Projektbidrag

Budget: 200 000 SEK

The conference "Remembering the Past - Living the Future" offers a forum for sharing recent research on the role of Reformation theologies, especially Lutheran theology and faith in the world of today. The conference will be held in Uppsala in October 8-10, 2013. It is hosted by the Department of Theology at Uppsala University and Church of Sweden Research Unit.With the Reformation Jubilee in 2017 in mind, there is a need for a critical evaluation of the Lutheran tradition not just within the Churhes but also for society and culture in general. Reformation theological traditions have in various ways influenced our attitudes to work, economy, state, and education. How are these traditions to be evaluated, and how can they be interpreted in a late modern and multicultural society?During the conference eight themes will be dealt with: 1) Lutheran Theology and Ethics in a Post-Christian Society, 2) The Bible in Lutheran Tradition, 3) Lutheran Identity in a Global World, 4) Reformation as a Model for Interpretation of the Present, 5) Lutheran Theology and Politics, 6) Atonement, Reconciliation and Forgiveness, 7) Lutheran Tradition and Tolerance, 8) Lutheran Tradition and Gender.Among the invited speakers are Kirsi Stjerna, Christoph Schwöbel, Vitor Westhelle, Barbara Rossing, Monica Jyotsna Melanchthon, Niels Henrik Gregersen, Tage Kurtén, Christine Helmer, Massimo Serretti, Else Marie Wiberg Pedersen, and Karen L Bloomquist.Web: