Fredrik Pettersson: Uppsala Student of the Year

28 November 2017

Fredrik Pettersson receives the 2017 Uppsala Student of the Year award and a scholarship of SEK 100,000 from the Anders Wall Foundation.

The Uppsala Student of the Year is a well-known figure in student life at the University. Fredrik Pettersson has been First Curator of the Västmanlands-Dala nation and Curator Curatorum (head of the council of student nations’ presidents), as well as President of the Uppsala Student Union.

The award was presented by Crown Princess
Victoria at the Anders Wall Lecture in the Grand
Auditorium of the University Main Building
on 22 November. Photo: Gisella Bengtsson

The Uppsala Student of the Year scholarship is awarded by the Anders Wall Foundation. Under the statutes, it may be awarded to students who have developed entrepreneurship connected with their education or distinguished themselves through their good, creative contributions to the University, taken part in the student union and/or student nation activities or made special efforts in support of other students.

“It’s great to get the award. I’ve long been engaged in Uppsala student life and this feels like confirmation that what I’ve done has been appreciated,” says Fredrik Pettersson.

He began by studying engineering physics, but has also had time for music studies, and is now doing the Master Programme in Industrial Management and Innovation. Alongside his studies, other commitments have always been important.

“From the start, I simply got involved in fun things. As you get to know an organisation, you see what can be done and improved. There’s been a strong driving force in me to find ways of making things easier for organisations or individuals.”

The nomination committee’s citation, explaining their choice of Fredrik Pettersson, particularly emphasises his eye for identifying organisational needs for change and how, with drive and entrepreneurial ability, he has led reform processes both as the curator of a student nation and as President of the Student Union. As a board member of Studentbokhandeln (the student bookshop), too, he has helped to revitalise the business. He has also been a member of the University Board ( the “Consistory”). He has “tirelessly worked for a unified student voice” and is a “veritable inspirer with a true passion for Uppsala’s student life in general”.

“I recently did an internship in a company and I recognised many situations from my work in the Union and nation. Working with people, coordinating aims and achieving things together are similar challenges wherever you are. The nations and unions are extremely good places to try out leadership and responsibility early in life,” Pettersson says.

The award, a scholarship of SEK 100,000, was presented by Crown Princess Victoria at the Anders Wall Lecture in the Grand Auditorium, in the University Main Building, on 22 November.


The Uppsala Student of the Year award