Alumni across the world celebrate Uppsala University Global Alumni Day

2 November 2017

More than 1,200 alumni in 62 cities and 45 countries will celebrate Uppsala University’s Global Alumni Day on 7 November.

On 7 November, Uppsala University will hold its first ever Global Alumni Day – a day for Uppsala University alumni across the world to organise alumni events at the same time and share with each other on social media. The response has been impressive: the day will be celebrated in 62 cities across 45 countries.

Students, PhD students and researchers who over the years have studied and worked at Uppsala University exist all over the world. They share experiences of having spent a shorter or longer time in Uppsala and constitute an important international network for the University.

In several countries there are now local alumni chapters, who meet up and organise different events. Uppsala University also arranges alumni meetings in connection with international travels, for instance when the University meets up with other higher education institutions and collaborative partners in different countries.

The Global Alumni Day initiative was launched by Uppsala University’s Alumni Office. The meetings are organised locally in the home towns of the alumni, and the global event is coordinated from Uppsala.

“We have had an amazing response from our alumni around the world. They are our friends all over the world and we’re very happy that they, just like us, want to stay in touch,” says Noelia Ollvid, International Alumni Coordinator.

The Global Alumni Day begins with breakfast in Dunedin, New Zealand, and continues around the world and ends with mingling in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle in the US.

Over the course of the day, it will be possible to follow along with the events as they happen through a photo album on Uppsala University’s Facebook page, the @UppsalaUniversity Instagram account, or through the hashtags #UUGlobalAlumniDay and #UppsalaUniversity.

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On the same day, 7 November, Uppsala University will be part of Global Super Tuesday, an event which will highlight internationalisation of higher education aimed at students and university staff. Read more about the event at Blåsenhus.