The Humanities Theatre – a new arena for discussion

The vision is to create a warm and inviting theatre room in red and grey that connects with the history of the University but is equipped with the latest technology.

Doors will soon open to the new Humanities Theatre – a spectacular auditorium and lecture hall, built as a classical theatre and equipped with the latest audiovisual technology.

The Humanities Theatre is housed among the other buildings in the Centre for the Humanities on the English Park Campus. The theatre is designed to become a forum and a resource for all departments convening there. The building also contains offices and classrooms, which will be the long-awaited indoor link between three of the buildings on the campus.

“We want to enhance the opportunities for our students to engage in critical discussion,” says Margaretha Fahlgren, chair of the steering committee for the building project. “This is a core component of a university education in the humanities. The humanities require opportunities for dialogue and we believe we can further hone the students’ education.”

The theatre building stands out from its surroundings with a unique rounded shape and outer walls leaning slightly outwards. The exterior is adorned with artistic embellishments, a perforated pattern of plant motifs by artist Ann Lislegaard.

The facade is adorned with artistic embellishments,
a perforated pattern of plant motifs.

On 18 April, property owner Akademiska Hus handed over the keys to Uppsala University. Next, office furniture and the advanced audio and video equipment will to be installed, including a large LED screen and a sound system in the ceiling of the theatre.

“It’s a unique way to work with sound and images which allows us to create any reverb we want and different acoustic effects. The work will continue through the summer,” says Margareta Öberg, Project Manager at the Buildings Division at Uppsala University.

The premises are expected to be operational by the middle of October – at the beginning of the autumn semester – and will be available for hire to companies and other organisations.

For a small donation, benefactors can also have a nameplate installed on one of the chairs. These donations will be used to fund special events at the Humanities Theatre.


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26 April 2017