Student e-mail to end and obligatory forwarding introduced

21 October 2016

The student e-mail system will be terminated in 2016. In brief this means that all students will be required to forward their e-mail to a private email address.

E-mail can be forwarded in Student Portal via My profile > Forwarding e-mail.

The majority of students will not be affected by the change, as they are already forwarding their mail. Students who do not have a forwarding account (12 %) will be contacted by the University in good time before termination. New students will be asked to provide a forwarding address when they activate their student account.

Only the inboxes are terminated. The  student address “” will continue to exist. In other words, students will retain their address as long as they are students at Uppsala University. The advantage of this is that students will still be able to show they are associated with the university.

Work to terminate student e-mail will start in June, with the introduction of obligatory forwarding for new students. The work will be completed on October 31, with the removal of student inboxes.

In connection with this termination, the student unions and the student nations will be offered function accounts in the University’s e-mail system Exchange, and existing function accounts will be migrated.

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