Infection control measures reduce the risk at exams

12 October 2020

Are you worried about being infected with COVID-19 during a written examination in an exam room? There’s no need to be anxious. Not as long as you follow the preventive guidelines in effect at all the University’s examination venues.

The University has taken many measures to minimise COVID-19 infection in examination venues. But the most important measure is this: if you feel at all unwell, then of course you must not come to the exam! 

Bear these points in mind to minimise the spread of infection when taking an exam in an exam room:

  • Come in very good time to avoid queues – the doors to the venue will open 30–35 minutes before the exam starts.
  • You can expect to queue outdoors, where this is possible.
  • After ID and registration checks, go straight to a place in the exam room.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available at several stations in the venue, as will disposable gloves for anyone who wishes to use them – the invigilators use face shields and disposable gloves.
  • There are plexiglass cough screens at all the invigilators’ desks and at the entry.
  • The toilets are cleaned frequently and regularly.
  • When you have to hand in anexam paper, do so one at a time to avoid queues.