Uppsala University ranked number 77 in new world ranking

17 August 2020

Students in front of the University Buildning in Uppsala.

Uppsala University ranks among the top 100 universities in the new Shanghai Ranking.

Uppsala University is in the top 100 in the new ranking of world universities recently published by the Shanghai Ranking Consultancy. In the 2020 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) – popularly known as the Shanghai Ranking – Uppsala University is rated the third best Swedish university at number 77.

Every year the Shanghai Ranking (the Academic Ranking of World Universities – ARWU) presents a ranking of the world’s universities. The list, which covers the top 1,000 of the world’s more than 20,000 universities, is based on six indicators, including the number of alumni and staff winning Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals, number of “highly cited researchers”, number of published articles and “per capita performance”.

Uppsala University is number 77 on the top 100 list and is ranked as the third best university in Sweden after Karolinska Institutet (45) and Stockholm University (69).

Uppsala University has lost a few places compared with last year’s ranking (66).

“This is a list on which Uppsala University usually performs well. This year we lose a few places mainly because we have fewer than previously on the list of the world’s most cited researchers. It’s a matter of a few individuals, but the effect shows because there is very little between the universities in this part of the list,” says Deputy Vice-Chancellor Anders Malmberg.

As in previous years, the list is dominated by universities in the United States. Harvard University tops the list, followed by Stanford University and the University of Cambridge. MIT, Berkeley, Princeton, Columbia, Caltech, Oxford and Chicago complete the top ten.

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