Carolina Rediviva's shop and exhibition hall open again

13 August 2020

The exhibition hall, Carolina Rediviva

The exhibition hall, Carolina Rediviva

Monday, August 17, the shop and exhibition hall in Carolina Rediviva will open again after being closed during the spring. The opening hours are 12.00-16.00 Monday to Friday, from 31 August also on Saturdays. To make it easier to keep a distance, the number of simultaneous visitors will be limited.

A novelty in the exhibition hall is the anniversary exhibition on the occasion of Uppsala University Library's 400th anniversary. The exhibition depicts our large and unique collections' path to the library through, among other things, legal deposits and donations. It also shows the change in the library environments and buildings, from damp premises at the Cathedral 400 years ago to today's both physical and digital environments. The anniversary exhibition will be shown 2020-2021.

Welcome to Carolina's shop and exhibition hall - free admission!