Register for your course

If you have been admitted to Uppsala University, you are probably eager to get started with your studies. But before you get started you need to do one important thing: you must register for the course or programme you are going to attend. Otherwise, you may lose your place in the course or programme. As a new student, the first step is to get a student account. Then, you can register and if you wish you can also become a member of a student union and student nation. Follow our guide to get started!

Step 1: Get a student account

As a student at Uppsala University you will need a student account. The student account is free and gives you access to the university's networks, printing systems and a variety of services collected in the Student Portal.

If you are a new student, you first need to activate your student account in order to be able to register for courses online. Once you have completed the application process, your account will be activated. Then you can log in to the Student Portal and see information about the courses that you are admitted to.

If you do not have a Swedish personal identity number, you will need a onetime passcode. You can receive a onetime passcode by visiting one of our campuses in Uppsala or Visby. Bring your  national ID card (if you are an EU citizen) or your passport. You will be given temporary login details and must activate your account online within a couple of hours. After you have activated your account, you will have access to your full account in the Student Portal.

If you are an international student without a Swedish personal identity number, you should wait until you move to Sweden to receive your onetime passcode and activate your student account. If you are an international student arriving during the arrival days, you can activate your student account at the Welcome Centre in Uppsala or Visby. Read more about the arrival days in Uppsala and Visby here.

If you are unable to receive the onetime code in Uppsala or Visby, please contact the servicedesk for assistance. 

Activate your student account

Step 2: Register!

The Student Portal contains information about which courses you are admitted to and how to register. There is always a last day for registration, and the deadline for registration may vary slightly between different courses. It is your own responsibility to find out which rules apply. You can find the relevant dates in the Student Portal, or by contacting your department.

For many courses, registration takes place online in the Student Portal, but sometimes the department arranges a roll call instead. If registration is made by roll call, you must bring identification and your admission letter to the roll call. If you can’t attend the roll call yourself, you can send a representative, but first contact your department to make sure this is ok.

Tip! If you do not yet have a login to the Student Portal, you can always search for the course name or application code via the Student Portal search function and thus get information about registration and contact information for the department.

Questions? If you are unsure how the registration is done, please contact your department. They also answer questions about course content, schedule and more.

Step 3. Become a member of the student unions and nations

To take part of Uppsala University's student life, find new friends and get help with study related matters, you can become a member of a student union and student nation.

Uppsala University has six student unions, which act in the best interest of its members and represent you if you have questions or concerns regarding your studies. Uppsala also has 13 student nations, which for many students become a second home during the study period.

Become a member

Schedule and course start

Information about the schedule and starting date for courses can be found on the course page in the Student Portal. If information is not available, contact your department. Contact information is available on the course page in the Student Portal. For addresses and telephone numbers of all departments, see the university directory.