IT for students

Uppsala University’s student network gives you access to the university around the clock. For this you need a student account.

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Wireless networks – Wi-Fi

Your student account gives you access to two wireless networks: Eduroam and UpUnet-S. However, if you are studying at Campus Gotland you only have access to Eduroam. Eduroam is available at many other universities in Sweden and across the world – and you only need to set it up once in your device.

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IT Support

Campus Gotland:

Telephone and telephone hours:
Uppsala: IT Servicedesk: 018-471 44 00
Weekdays 8:00 to 21:00, weekends 14:00–17:30

Campus Gotland: Helpdesk: 0498-10 82 02
Weekdays 13:00–16:30

PayEx support

0498-20 20 27

Do it yourself

Need to forward your email? Need to change password or home address and more?

Log in to the Student Portal

Forgot your password? Create a new one with a onetime passcode that you get at most campuses.

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