Housing and financing

Are you wondering about how you can finance your studies? You can apply for scholarships, loans or student aid. Unsure about how to find a place to live? Check out our tips for finding housing.

Your finances

  • ​Scholarships: As a student or researcher of Uppsala University, you can apply for a range of scholarships. See available scholarships.
  • Swedish student aid: The most common way for Swedish students to finance their studies is through a study allowance called CSN. If you are not a Swedish citizen, but have been granted residency in Sweden for a purpose other than studies, you may be eligible to receive CSN. You must be officially registered as a resident in Sweden and intend to remain in the country even after completing your studies. All other students are expected to finance their studies themselves. More about CSN.
  • Insurance: All students at Uppsala University are covered by accident insurance while on the university premises and on their direct way to and from school. Other international student groups may be covered by additional insurance. It is important for all students to find out what kind of coverage they will receive or need to organise privately before arriving in Sweden. More about insurance.
Find cheaper course literature
  1. Buy second-hand books.
  2. Borrow your course literature or use the reading areas in the library.
Last modified: 2021-03-29