Ammonia made from Air, Water and Sunshine – the ideal renewable fuel

Time period: 2019-01-01 to 2023-12-31

Project leader: Johannes Messinger

Funder: Swedish Energy Agency

Type of award: Project grant

Total fundning: 4 992 856 SEK

The project aims at developing a naturally-inspired and nobel metal-free electrochemical catalyst where ammonia (NH3) can be produced from air (N2), water (H2O) and solar energy. Ammonia has high energy density and can easily be transferred to liquid and therefore has the potential to become a climate-neutral alternative to fossil fuels. The method of synthesizing ammonia developed in the project requires less energy than the currently used method (Haber-Bosch process) and has the potential to lead to ammonia becoming a climate-neutral fuel for the transport sector in the future.