A new method for extraction and upgrading of lignin

Time period: 2012-01-31 to 2013-04-30

Funder: Swedish Energy Agency

Type of award: Project grant

Total fundning: 3 134 000 SEK

With the method that is presented in this application we intend to depolymerize and reduce lignin in black liquor to monomeric hydrocarbons that can be used as different green oil derivatives. Through the transformation of lignin to a hydrocarbon the product will attain oil-like properties and hence phase transfer from aquous phase to an organic layer. This novel approach will thereby separate the formed product from hemicellulose, process chemicals etc from black liquor that can directly be recycled back to the pulp mill. We intend to study what catalysts that are active in the transformation using a model substrate and study the reaction mechanism. The reaction will be performed on different lignin models where the formed products will be unique. The compatibility of the catalytic system and common process chemicals in pulp mills will be studied. The solubility of the generated hydrocarbons in different reaction media will be studied in order to optimize the separation