Programmable Oligonucleotide Delivery System for next-generation siRNA Prostate cancer thErapy

Time period: 2020-10-01 to 2022-07-31

Project leader: Oommen Varghese

Funder: Vinnova

Type of award: Project grant

Total fundning: 1 949 953 SEK

Purpose and goal: This project aims to develop effective, GMP-grade siRNA drugs for anticancer therapy via targeted, systemic delivery with Programmable Oligonucleotide Delivery System (PODS), resulting in a comprehensive data pack. PROPEL builds upon partners’ proof-of-concept data and our specific goals are: (i) Integrate the technologies from all consortium partners and generate therapeutically-functionalized PODS candidates (ii) Preclinically test the therapeutic efficacy of PODS against the standard of care Expected results and effects: PROPEL aims to develop GMP-grade siRNA delivery system that will be conjugated with aptamer-based targeting ligand. Such an advanced delivery system is expected to improve the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics properties of the drug delivery system. Selective therapeutic siRNA will be designed and conjugated to the nanocarrier that will be tested in suitable in vitro and in vivo models. This will allow us to progress to in-human studies via licensing to pharma partners, generating revenue. Approach and implementation: We will perform preclinical safety and efficacy testing of siRNA-PODS in breast/prostate cancer models. Biano will develop, optimize and scale the synthesis and downstream processing of siRNA-PODS to optimize therapy’s cost. This will allow us to demonstrate the clinical potential of PODS from Sixfold, Uppsala University’s siRNA design, and commercial readiness of BianoScience, strengthening our IP portfolio & highlight our potential in the emerging field of RNA interference (RNAi).