The Swedish Drug Delivery Center (SweDeliver)

Time period: 2020-01-01 to 2024-12-31

Project leader: Christel Bergström

Funder: Vinnova

Type of award: Project grant

Total fundning: 33 945 000 SEK

Purpose and goal: The Swedish Drug Delivery Center (SweDeliver) is a competence center which consolidates world-class, needs-driven drug delivery science of benefit for pharmaceutical innovation in Sweden. The center will develop a strong research portfolio to position the region as world leading in drug delivery science. We will build an ecosystem maintaining scientific and industrial know-how in the region. SweDeliver promotes healthy lives and well-being by providing support to development of new innovative products for diseases currently without treatment. Expected results and effects: Expected impact of SweDeliver include i) Translational results that move novel drug delivery formulations strategies through preclinical in vivo models to clinical studies in healthy volunteers or suitable patient population; ii) Identification of advanced drug delivery systems that enable product development of challenging drug molecules; iii) Increased collaboration and mobility of academic and industrial partners, important for the success of the science and training programs; and iv) Increased attractiveness for international recruitment to and investment in Sweden. Approach and implementation: SweDeliver has four work packages (WPs); WP1-3 are research-centered and dedicated to different drug delivery routes (parenteral, oral, pulmonary) whereas WP4 is focused on training and career development. WP4 activities are performed across WP1-3 with emphasize on training related to emerging molecules and techniques (biological drugs/new modalities, computational modelling, high-resolution analytics e.g. scattering and imaging techniques), as well as soft skills. SweDeliver is governed by an industrial-academic board, and has implemented a clear reporting structure.