Additive Manufacturing for the Life Sciences

Time period: 2020-03-01 to 2024-12-31

Project leader: Cecilia Persson

Funder: Vinnova

Type of award: Project grant

Total fundning: 32 788 690 SEK

Purpose and goal: The purpose of AddLife is to i) develop, ii) give access to and iii) support a future supply of competence and technology in the field of Additive Manufacturing for the Life Sciences. Our goal is to become a global player in the education, research and development of 3D-printed materials and components for life science applications, and thereby provide patients with new possibilities and an enhanced quality of life. Expected results and effects: We expect a substantial impact on the education, research and development in the field, by delivering tailor-made training and cutting-edge research results in needs-driven projects, implemented in close collaboration with industry. Examples of expected results are 3D-printing equipment with nanoscale resolution; patient-specific, resorbable implants for a decreased infection risk; safer dosage of medication for the pediatric population; enhanced surgical planning to enable complex procedures. Approach and implementation: The center is led by Uppsala University, but gathers more than 20 additional partners from academia, industry and the public sector. Within the centre, collaborative research projects will be run through masters and doctoral students, as well as dedicated research engineers. Relevant courses and seminars will be held, and the renowned innovation system in Uppsala will be involved to support the implementation of ideas from the centre to become sustainable innovations.