Tactics for Activity Based Usability (TABU)

Time period: 2014-08-01 to 2015-02-01

Project leader: Åsa Cajander

Funder: Vinnova

Type of award: Project grant

Total fundning: 365 000 SEK

Purpose and goal: The planning project has laid the foundations for a development project that ultimately aims at the development of a governance model for sustainable usability in a complex and activity-based work environment. The long term goal is to develop and sustainably introduce new skills and processes to support IT operations at the university but also to generalize the governance model and make it available to other organizations. Expected results and effects: The planning project has resulted in a deeper vision, a project plan for a development project, an application for a development project and network with external partners. As expected, the project has also contributed internally to knowledge of usability and activity-based workplaces. Approach and implementation: The project built upon on a successful in-house organisational development project at Uppsala University, this gave a good organisational base and created favorable conditions for project implementation. Changes in higher management resulted in a prolongation of the project to ensure continued internal management support.