High efficiency, flexible and low cost building integrated hybrid solar cell/solar collector for environmental friendly buildings

Time period: 2015-01-01 to 2017-12-31

Project leader: Erik Johansson

Funder: Formas

Type of award: Unclassified

Total fundning: 3 610 000 SEK

The project purpose is to develop flexible solar cell/solar collector building integrated materials for roofs and walls on buildings. The solar cells will be based on new materials that have recently been discovered to result in very high solar cell efficiencies at low cost. We are at the moment investigating these materials in our research team and we will develop these for higher efficiency and stability and use solution based techniques to prepare the solar cells on flexible lightweight substrates such as stainless steel or plastic films. The solar cell will be integrated in a material that transports the waste heat from the solar cell to the heating system in the building. This building integrated solar energy material can therefore produce both electricity and increase the efficiency of the heating (or hot water) system in the building. We will also investigate the fundamental properties of these materials and the processes in the solar cells by advanced techniques. We will collaborate with companies experts in usage of solar cells and energy savings in buildings and solar cells materials. We will use computer simulations to investigate how the energy from the material on a building varies in time and how the energy best should be used. The results will be published in scientific journals and on conferences, and the results will also be important for the development of production of building integrated solar energy materials and for use in energy systems for buildings.