Sciences of Life. The Linnaean Scientific Heritage.

Time period: 2008-01-01 to 2011-12-31

Project leader: Mariette Manktelow

Other personnel: Marie Öhrn, Anette Wixner

Funder: Formas

Type of award: Unclassified

Total fundning: 1 365 000 SEK

To make use of the network and interest created in the Linnaeus Tercentenary 2007, Uppsala university aims to create meeting places combining science and art in the public and in more intimate meetings. Target groups are biologists working outside the academy, teachers, politicians and society planners. The research information will communicate the research at Uppsala university biology section, which is a linnaean scientific heritage. During three thematic years, an artistic installation will be sent as message to four Linnaean towns. It will be surrounded with scientific theater. Teachers in the Linnaean towns are invited to be inspired and get tools for their education. The last year this network is extended to two towns in Europe. Every year a meeting is held in Uppsala, where biology research is communicated interactively integrated with theater and art. Two national centra are cooperative parts in these meetings. The thematic years are: Evolution and Development 2009, Biodiversity and Multitude 2010, Biosphere and Globality 2011, based on international years. During these three years a webpage is built, which presents modern biological research and uses artistic products created within the project. The three year project will be used to investigate the possibilities to create a permanent platform in 2014 where modern research is communicated integrated with artistic expressions, reaching out to the target groups of the project, using the network of the project.