Top-level sports and studies

All students at Uppsala University will be offered favourable conditions for being able to study and be involved in different types of activities during their leisure time, especially regarding exercise and sports. Previous experience shows that forward planning and a long term perspective can make it possible to successfully combine academic studies and top-level sports. There are also scholarships you can apply for.

Who is defined as a top-level sports student?

As a top-level sports student you can turn to a counsellor to discuss how to best combine your  studies with your sport and you can apply for scholarships for top-level students.

To be defined as a top-level sports student, your sport must be included in one of the special sports federations that are organised by Swedish Sports Confederation (Riksidrottsförbundet). Individual athletes should compete on at least the national championship level and/or in national teams to be defined as top-level athletes. Top-level team athletes should compete in the top two national leagues. The definition also applies to coaches for top-level teams and athletes, managers of national teams and federal coaches.

We will help you

If you have any questions regarding combining academic studies with sports at Uppsala University, please get in touch with the university's key contact persons for top-level sports students. We can provide guidance and information regarding suitable study options before you apply and also help you get in touch with subject or department study counsellors.

You are also welcome to contact us when you have been admitted to Uppsala University for guidance and assistance regarding other contacts within the university. You can also turn to one of our contact persons (counsellor) for different programmes. The study counsellor can, together with you, review your study plan and your course of studies.

Scholarships for top-level sports students

If you are an active top-level athlete, have studied at least one semester and are registered for part-time (at least 50%) studies at Uppsala University, you can apply for a scholarship of 25,000 SEK. The purpose of the scholarship is to highlight good role models at Uppsala University that demonstrate the possibilities of combining higher education with practice of top-level sports.

Both study and sport qualifications are considered when awarding the scholarship. More weight is given to study qualifications. Recipients may only receive the scholarship once. Two scholarships are intended for female students and two for male students.

Scholarships 2020

Time to apply for 2020 scholarships! The following documents must be attached to the application:

  • Study certificate on study qualifications autumn semester 2019 and any previous semesters
  • Registration certificate on ongoing studies spring semester 2020
  • Certificate of sports qualifications and suitability from sports leader

Application form
Certificate for sports qualifications

The application must be received by Uppsala University no later than 4 pm, 28 February, 2020. Scholarships are appointed in May.

Send your application to: Tom Petersson, Uppsala universitet, Planeringsavdelningen, Box 256, 751 05 Uppsala​


Central contacts:

Central study counselling
Mikael Wångmar, +46 18 471 75 64

Coordinator for students sports issues: Eva Söderman

Contact persons for different fields:

Humanities and social sciences
Business administration: Maria Johansson, study counsellor
Law: Lee Holmström, study counsellor
Food science and nutrition: Helena Elmståhl, study director

Medicine and pharmacy
Helena Ekbrink, study counsellor

Science and technology
Sara Rosenquist, study counsellor

Questions about the scholarships:

Tom Petersson, +46 70 425 02 77