Housing at Uppsala University for exchange students

Housing guarantee

Formal exchange students from exchange agreements with a good balance between incoming and outgoing students are given priority for student housing, given that they submit their housing application on time and accept an offer for housing when made.

At Uppsala University there are no halls of residences, colleges or other forms of ‘university housing’. All rooms that students live in are regular rooms owned by a variety of different housing companies. These rooms are administered by the private company Uppsala University Housing Office. The Uppsala University Housing Office has a detailed website explaining all you might need to know about housing in Uppsala and Visby.

Find out more about student accommodation and how to apply for housing on the Uppsala University Housing Office’s website.

Find housing on your own

Due to the large number of students, it can be difficult to find housing in Uppsala and Visby. You can however find information about finding accommodation on the Student Union’s website.


All students, regardless of whether they are required to pay application and tuition fees, must be able to cover their personal living expenses while in Sweden. To obtain a Swedish residence permit, students are required to have a minimum amount per month. When you apply for your residence permit you must enclose a bank statement showing that you have your own bank funds available in an account belonging to you.

Cost of living in Sweden according to www.studyinsweden.se

Visa and residence permits to Sweden

After you have received your Admissions letter, EU/EES citizens must have a valid medical insurance. Remember that the European Health Care Card can only be obtained from your land of permanent residence - you cannot organise this after your arrival in Sweden.

Some students may have dual citizenship, including citizenship of an EU country and outside of EU. If you are not a permanent resident in the EU it may be difficult or impossible for you to acquire an EU Health Care card. Students in this situation are advised to apply for a residence permit (or visa, depending on the citizenship) via their non-EU country. For example, a student with both Australian and Irish citizenship, who is a permanent resident of Australia, should apply for a residence permit as an Australian citizen, and not attempt to register their right of residence as an Irish citizen.

All other citizenships outside the EU/EES will need to apply for a Residence permit and for some citizenships also a Visa for entry into Sweden with the Swedish Migration Agency. To apply for a residence permit/visa you will need your Certificate of Acceptance and amongst other things, proof that you can support yourself financially for your stay in Sweden. It is important that this money is in a bank account in your own name (no joint-accounts). Guarantees from parents or relatives will not be accepted by the Swedish Migration Agency. See the Swedish Migration Agency's homepage for more information about residence permits and visas.

Last modified: 2021-07-21