Pensions scheme

As an employee at Uppsala University you will receive pension from several sources:

  1. The base is formed by the national retirement pension paid by the Swedish Pensions Agency (corresponding to 18.5 per cent of your salary and other taxable benefits). You can earn your pension only up to a certain income, known as the income ceiling. The income ceiling corresponds to a pensionable amount of 7.5 income basic amounts per year (SEK 461,250 in 2017).
  2. From Uppsala University you will also receive a government employee pension through the Occupational Pensions Agreement. This part is administered by the National Government Employee Pensions Board. The government employee pension consists of three parts:
    1. Defined-benefit pension applies to persons born before 1973 or persons with an income of more than a 7.5 income basic amounts. The amount of your defined-benefit pension is based on your salary, the number of years you have been employed, and your date of birth.
    2. Each month Uppsala University pays money corresponding to 2 per cent of your salary into your complementary occupational pension.
    3. Each month Uppsala University pays money corresponding to 2.5 per cent of your salary into your individual retirement pension. This part involves options, which means that you may choose which insurance provider should manage your money.
  3. In addition, most people also have private pension savings.

Voluntary contribution of pension
Uppsala University offers voluntary contribution of pension, which is called “Salary exchange”. Salary exchange means that an amount selected by the employee is deducted from their gross salary. The money is invested in pension savings managed by Kåpan Extra. Salary exchange is advantageous since the deduction reduces the employee's gross salary, which means a reduction in tax.

When it comes to transferring your pension to Sweden you should contact the pension authority in your home country for further information.