Cultural heritage and collections

Go to a museum, look at art, listen to music or sing in a choir. The door is open, and all our cultural offerings are available to students, staff, the citizens of Uppsala and visitors.

Go to a lecture!

At Uppsala University, you have the opportunity to listen to and learn from Nobel laureates, authors, politicians and many other guests and friends. Many of these lectures are open to the public, and offer new knowledge, impulses and insights for anyone interested.

Exhibitions at Carolina Rediviva

The exhibition hall is temporarily closed.

Entrance is free of charge.

The exhibition hall contains the famous Codex argenteus, as well as the earliest reasonably accurate map of the Nordic countries, the Carta Marina, and the hand-drawn map of the city of Mexico from the middle of the sixteenth century.

The library also has a temporary exhibition on 18th century music from the manors of Gimo and Leufsta, now in the collections of Uppsala University Library.