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Senaste publikationer

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Ramsay, Gail

    Ecological Literacy in an Egyptian Short Story


  • Kapitel i bok, del av antologi

    Högberg, Elsa

    Introduction: Modernist Intimacies

    Ingår i Modernist Intimacies, 2019.

  • Kapitel i bok, del av antologi

    Högberg, Elsa

    Nathanael West: Precarity, Empathy and Violence

    Ingår i Modernist Intimacies, 2019.

  • Kapitel i bok, del av antologi

    Högberg, Elsa

    Mature Works, II (1928-1932)

    Ingår i The Oxford Handbook of Virginia Woolf, 2019.

  • Bok

    Högberg, Elsa

    Virginia Woolf and the Ethics of Intimacy

    Ingår i The Oxford Handbook of Virginia Woolf, 2019.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Thyselius, Malin; Gonzalez-Bellido, Paloma; Wardill, Trevor; Nordström, Karin et al.

    Visual approach computation in feeding hoverflies.

    Ingår i Journal of Experimental Biology, 2018.

  • Artikel, recension

    Grünberg, Jaan

    Handfasta råd i ett svårfångat grepp: Ordning och bereda. Handbok för en kompetensbaserad valberedning. Av Anna Bergkvist och Josefine Qvarfordt.

    Ingår i Organisation och samhälle, s. 38 38-38 38, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Ablikim, M.; Achasov, M. N.; Ahmed, S.; Albrecht, M. et al.

    Measurement of e+e−→π0π0ψ(3686) at √s from 4.009 to 4.600 GeV and observation of a neutral charmoniumlike structure

    Ingår i Physical Review D, 2018.

  • Artikel, forskningsöversikt

    Theorell-Haglöw, Jenny; Miller, Christopher B.; Bartlett, Delwyn J.; Yee, Brendon J. et al.

    Gender differences in obstructive sleep apnoea, insomnia and restless legs syndrome in adults - What do we know?: A clinical update

    Ingår i Sleep Medicine Reviews, s. 28-38, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Plym, Anna; Bower, Hannah; Fredriksson, Irma; Holmberg, Lars et al.

    Loss in working years after a breast cancer diagnosis

    Ingår i British Journal of Cancer, s. 738-743, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Franzen, Oscar; Ermel, Raili; Sukhavasi, Katyayani; Jain, Rajeev et al.

    Global analysis of A-to-I RNA editing reveals association with common disease variants

    Ingår i PeerJ, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Krasniqi, Ahmet; D'Huyvetter, Matthias; Devoogdt, Nick; Frejd, Fredrik Y et al.

    Same-day imaging using small proteins: Clinical experience and translational prospects in oncology.

    Ingår i Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Mao, Guanzhong; Srivastava, Abhishek S.; Wu, Shiying; Kosek, David et al.

    Critical domain interactions for type A RNase P RNA catalysis with and without the specificity domain

    Ingår i PLoS ONE, 2018.

  • Kapitel i bok, del av antologi

    Grub, Frank Thomas

    Zwischen Kyffhäuser und Plattenbau: Rückblicke und Vergangenheitskonstruktionen in Hörspielen und Features von Jens Sparschuh

    Ingår i German Reunification and the Legacy of GDR Literature and Culture, s. [140]-159, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Wang, Nina J.; Petersen, Poul Erik; Sveinsdottir, Eva Gudrun; Arnadottir, Inga B. et al.

    Recall intervals and time used for examination and prevention by dentists in child dental care in Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden in 1996 and 2014

    Ingår i Community Dental Health, s. 52-57, 2018.

  • Artikel, recension

    Grub, Frank Thomas

    Beziehungen am Abgrund: Susanna Pionteks Erzählungen: [Susanna Piontek: In einer Falte der Welt. Erzählungen. Berlin: Dahlemer Verlagsanstalt, 2018]

    Ingår i Livres - Bücher. Tageblatt (Lux.), s. 14 14-14 14, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Camargo-Molina, Jose Eliel; Mandal, Tanumoy; Pasechnik, Roman; Wessen, Jonas et al.

    Heavy charged scalars from cs̄ fusion: a generic search strategy applied to a 3HDM with U(1) x U(1) family symmetry

    Ingår i Journal of High Energy Physics (JHEP), 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Dahl, Ulrika; Sundén, Jenny

    Femininity Revisited: Guest editors' introduction

    Ingår i The European Journal of Women's Studies, 2018.

  • Artikel, forskningsöversikt

    Ygland, Emil; van Westen, Danielle; Englund, Elisabet; Rademakers, Rosa et al.

    Slowly progressive dementia caused by MAPT R406W mutations: longitudinal report on a new kindred and systematic review

    Ingår i Alzheimer's Research & Therapy, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Kumar, Ankit; Wetterskog, Erik; Lewin, Erik; Tai, Cheuk-Wai et al.

    Effect of in situ electric-field-assisted growth on antiphase boundaries in epitaxial Fe3O4 thin films on MgO

    Ingår i Physical Review Materials, s. 054407-1 054407-1-054407-8 054407-8, 2018.

  • Artikel, forskningsöversikt

    Christoffersson, Gustaf; Phillipson, Mia

    The neutrophil: one cell on many missions or many cells with different agendas?

    Ingår i Cell and Tissue Research, s. 415-423, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Kruecken, Georg; Engwall, Lars; De Corte, Erik

    Introduction to the Special Issue on "University Governance and Creativity'

    Ingår i European Review, s. S1-S5, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Wilken, Susanne; Soares, Margarida; Urrutia Cordero, Pablo; Ratcovich, Jens et al.

    Primary producers or consumers?: Increasing phytoplankton bacterivory along a gradient of lake warming and browning

    Ingår i Limnology and Oceanography, s. S142-S155, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Nilsson, Johan O.; Leetmaa, Mikael; Wang, Baochang; Zguns, Pjotrs A. et al.

    Modeling Kinetics of Water Adsorption on the Rutile TiO2 (110) Surface: Influence of Exchange-Correlation Functional

    Ingår i Physica status solidi. B, Basic research, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Wünsch, Urban J.; Stedmon, Colin A.; Tranvik, Lars; Guillemette, Francois et al.

    Unraveling the size-dependent optical properties of dissolved organic matter

    Ingår i Limnology and Oceanography, s. 588-601, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Lötstedt, Per

    The linear noise approximation for spatially dependent biochemical networks

    Ingår i Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Velikyan, Irina; Lindhe, Orjan

    Preparation and evaluation of a Ga-68-labeled RGD-containing octapeptide for noninvasive imaging of angiogenesis: biodistribution in non-human primate

    Ingår i American Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, s. 15-31, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Lang, Daniel; Ullrich, Kristian K.; Murat, Florent; Fuchs, Joerg et al.

    The Physcomitrella patens chromosome-scale assembly reveals moss genome structure and evolution

    Ingår i The Plant Journal, s. 515-533, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Lohmann, S.; Primetzhofer, D.

    Ion-induced particle desorption in time-of-flight medium energy ion scattering

    Ingår i Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B, s. 22-26, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Rudling, Axel; Orro, Adolfo; Carlsson, Jens

    Prediction of Ordered Water Molecules in Protein Binding Sites from Molecular Dynamics Simulations: The Impact of Ligand Binding on Hydration Networks

    Ingår i Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, s. 350-361, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Pan, Yiwen; Peelaers, Wolfger

    Chiral algebras, localization and surface defects

    Ingår i Journal of High Energy Physics (JHEP), 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Burdon, Rosalie C. F.; Junker, Robert R.; Scofield, Douglas; Parachnowitsch, Amy L. et al.

    Bacteria colonising Penstemon digitalis show volatile and tissue-specific responses to a natural concentration range of the floral volatile linalool

    Ingår i Chemoecology, s. 11-19, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Jacobsen, Carsten Suhr; Nielsen, Tue Kjærgaard; Vester, Jan Kjølhede; Stougaard, Peter et al.

    Inter-laboratory testing of the effect of DNA blocking reagent G2 on DNA extraction from low-biomass clay samples

    Ingår i Scientific Reports, s. 14-19, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Nilsson, Louise K. J.; Sharma, Anil; Bhatnagar, Raj K.; Bertilsson, Stefan et al.

    Presence of Aedes and Anopheles mosquito larvae is correlated to bacteria found in domestic water-storage containers

    Ingår i FEMS Microbiology Ecology, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Krizsan, Sophie J; Mateos-Rivera, Alejandro; Bertilsson, Stefan; Felton, Annika et al.

    An in vitro evaluation of browser and grazer fermentation efficiency and microbiota using European moose spring and summer foods

    Ingår i Ecology and Evolution, s. 4183-4196, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Grasset, Charlotte; Mendonça, Raquel; Villamor Saucedo, Gabriella; Bastviken, David et al.

    Large but variable methane production in anoxic freshwater sediment upon addition of allochthonous and autochthonous organic matter

    Ingår i Limnology and Oceanography, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Camino-Serrano, Marta; Guenet, Bertrand; Luyssaert, Sebastiaan; Ciais, Philippe et al.

    ORCHIDEE-SOM: Modeling soil organic carbon (SOC) and dissolved organic carbon (DOC) dynamics along vertical soil profiles in Europe

    Ingår i Geoscientific Model Development, s. 937-957, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Nissling, Anders; Larsson, R

    Population specific sperm production in flounder Platichtys flesus - adaptation to salinity at spawning

    Ingår i Journal of Fish Biology, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    van Riemsdijk, Micheline; Panizzon, Marion

    Introduction to Special issue: ‘migration governance in an era of large movements: a multi- level approach’

    Ingår i Journal of ethnic and migration studies, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Volgsten, Helena; Schmidt, Lone; Skoog Svanberg, Agneta; Ekselius, Lisa et al.

    Psychiatric disorders in women and men up to five years after undergoing assisted reproductive technology treatment - a prospective cohort study.

    Ingår i Human Fertility, s. 1-6, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Nohrstedt, Daniel; Bynander, Fredrik; Parker, Charles; 't Hart, Paul et al.

    Managing Crisis Collaboratively: Prospects and Problems – A SystematicLiterature Review

    Ingår i Perspectives on Public Management and Governance, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Qayed, Muna; Wang, Tao; Hemmer, Michael T.; Spellman, Stephen et al.

    Influence of Age on Acute and Chronic GVHD in Children Undergoing HLA-Identical Sibling Bone Marrow Transplantation for Acute Leukemia: Implications for Prophylaxis

    Ingår i Biology of blood and marrow transplantation, s. 521-528, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Kelhoffer, James Anthony

    Eschatology, Androgynous Thinking, Encratism, and the Question of Anti-Gnosticism in 2 Clement 12 (Part One)

    Ingår i Vigiliae christianae (Print), s. 142-164, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Lidwall, Ulrik; Bill, Sofia; Palmer, Edward; Bohlin, Christina Olsson et al.

    Mental disorder sick leave in Sweden: A population study

    Ingår i Work, s. 259-272, 2018.

  • Rapport

    Axelsson, Owe; Neytcheva, Maya

    Preconditioners for two-by-two block matrices with square blocks

    Ingår i Work, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Meunier, Cécile; Hosseini, Sara; Heidari, Nahid; Maryush, Zaywa et al.

    Multilevel Selection in the Filamentous Ascomycete Neurospora tetrasperma

    Ingår i American Naturalist, s. 290-305, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Aaboud, M.; Bergeås Kuutmann, Elin; Bokan, Petar; Brenner, Richard et al.

    Measurement of differential cross-sections of a single top quark produced in association with a W boson at √s=13TeV with ATLAS

    Ingår i European Physical Journal C, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Martinossi-Allibert, Ivain; Savkovic, Uros; Dordevic, Mirko; Arnqvist, Göran et al.

    The consequences of sexual selection in well-adapted and maladapted populations of bean beetles

    Ingår i Evolution, s. 518-530, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Hill, Brian T.; Ahn, Kwang Woo; Hu, Zhen-Huan; Aljurf, Mahmoud et al.

    Assessment of Impact of HLA Type on Outcomes of Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

    Ingår i Biology of blood and marrow transplantation, s. 581-586, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Farkas, B.; Heszler, P.; Budai, J.; Oszko, A. et al.

    Optical, compositional and structural properties of pulsed laser deposited nitrogen-doped Titanium-dioxide

    Ingår i Applied Surface Science, s. 149-154, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Dyrssen, Hannah; Ekström, Erik

    Sequential testing of a Wiener process with costly observations

    Ingår i Sequential Analysis, s. 47-58, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Dulić, Tomislav

    The patterns of violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Security, geography and the killing of civilians during the war of the 1990s

    Ingår i Political Geography, s. 148-158, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Scheer, M.; Roessig, C.; Pekrun, A.; Vokuhl, C. et al.

    Survival in children, adolescents and young adults with metastatic synovial sarcoma: A Report of the Cooperative Weichteilsarkom Studiengruppe (CWS)

    Ingår i ONCOLOGY RESEARCH AND TREATMENT, s. 156 156-157 157, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Gabrysch, Katja; Thörnblad, Erik

    The greedy walk on an inhomogeneous Poisson process

    Ingår i Electronic Communications in Probability, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Elias-Wolff, Federico; Lindén, Martin; Lyubartsev, Alexander P.; Brandt, Erik G. et al.

    Computing Curvature Sensitivity of Biomolecules in Membranes by Simulated Buckling

    Ingår i Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, s. 1643-1655, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Lidian, Adnan

    Necrosis of the upper lip, lateral nasal cartilage and forehead skin after embolization of a HHT patient

    Ingår i Angiogenesis, s. 145-145, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Teppo, Annika

    Moral Radicals: Afrikaners and their Grassroots Ecumenism After Apartheid

    Ingår i Journal of Southern African Studies, s. 253-267, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Bengtsdotter, Hanna; Lundin, Cecilia; Danielsson, Kristina Gemzell; Bixo, Marie et al.

    Ongoing or previous mental disorders predispose to adverse mood reporting during combined oral contraceptive use

    Ingår i European journal of contraception & reproductive health care, s. 45-51, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Nehlin, Christina; Carlsson, Kristina; Öster, Caisa

    Patients' Experiences of Using a Cellular Photo Digital Breathalyzer for Treatment Purposes

    Ingår i Journal of addiction medicine, s. 107-112, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Liang, Feiyan; Englund, Elias; Lindberg, Pia; Lindblad, Peter et al.

    Engineered cyanobacteria with enhanced growth show increased ethanol production and higher biofuel to biomass ratio

    Ingår i Metabolic engineering, s. 51-59, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Quinones, Javier Perez; Jokinen, Johanna; Keinanen, Salli; Covas, Carlos Peniche et al.

    Self-assembled hyaluronic acid-testosterone nanocarriers for delivery of anticancer drugs

    Ingår i European Polymer Journal, s. 384-393, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Koroleva, A. F.; Bush, A. A.; Kamentsev, K. E.; Shkuratov, V. Ya. et al.

    Synthesis, X-ray Diffraction Characterization, Mössbauer Spectroscopy, and Dielectric Properties of Solid Solutions in the PbFe2/3W1/3O3–PbSc2/3W1/3O3 System

    Ingår i Inorganic Materials (Neorganicheskie materialy), s. 288-294, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Young, Joanna C.; Arendt, Anthony; Hock, Regine; Pettit, Erin et al.

    The challenge of monitoring glaciers with extreme altitudinal range: mass-balance reconstruction for Kahiltna Glacier, Alaska

    Ingår i Journal of Glaciology, s. 75-88, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Kootala, Sujit; Filho, Luimar; Srivastava, Vaibhav; Linderberg, Victoria et al.

    Reinforcing Mucus Barrier Properties with Low Molar Mass Chitosans

    Ingår i Biomacromolecules, s. 872-882, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Wetterskog, Erik; Jonasson, Christian; Smilgies, Detlef-M.; Schaller, Vincent et al.

    Colossal Anisotropy of the Dynamic Magnetic Susceptibility in Low-Dimensional Nanocube Assemblies

    Ingår i ACS Nano, s. 1403-1412, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Pasti, Igor A.; Jovanovic, Aleksandar; Dobrota, Ana S.; Mentus, Slavko V. et al.

    Atomic adsorption on pristine graphene along the Periodic Table of Elements - From PBE to non-local functionals

    Ingår i Applied Surface Science, s. 433-440, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Migas, D. B.; Bogorodz, V. O.; Filonov, A. B.; Borisenko, V. E. et al.

    Quasi-2D silicon structures based on ultrathin Me2Si (Me = Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba) films

    Ingår i Surface Science, s. 51-57, 2018.

  • Rapport

    Garoni, Carlo; Mazza, Mariarosa; Serra-Capizzano, Stefano

    Block generalized locally Toeplitz sequences: From the theory to the applications

    Ingår i Surface Science, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Barklem, Paul

    Excitation and charge transfer in low-energy hydrogen atom collisions with neutral oxygen

    Ingår i Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Saarinen, Linn; Norrlund, Per; Yang, Weijia; Lundin, Urban et al.

    Linear synthetic inertia for improved frequency quality and reduced hydropower wear and tear

    Ingår i International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems, s. 488-495, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Harvey, Nicholas C.; Oden, Anders; Orwoll, Eric; Lapidus, Jodi et al.

    Falls Predict Fractures Independently of FRAX Probability: A Meta-Analysis of the Osteoporotic Fractures in Men (MrOS) Study

    Ingår i Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, s. 510-516, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Aaboud, M.; Bergeås Kuutmann, Elin; Bokan, Petar; Brenner, Richard et al.

    Search for the direct production of charginos and neutralinos in final states with tau leptons in root s=13 TeV pp collisions with the ATLAS detector

    Ingår i European Physical Journal C, 2018.

  • Kapitel i bok, del av antologi

    Fredriksson, Magnus; Pallas, Josef

    Svenska myndigheter i Almedalen 2005 – 2017

    Ingår i Almedalen, 2018.

  • Bok

    Halila, Leena; Lankinen, Veronica; K. Nilsson, Annika

    Administrativa sanktionsavgifter: En nordisk komparativ studie

    Ingår i Almedalen, 2018.

  • Rapport

    K. Nilsson, Annika

    Hänsynsreglerna i tillsynen: Analys av hur myndigheter tillämpar och motiverar beslut gällande nyetablering av miljöfarliga verksamheter utifrån hänsynsreglerna i MB 2 kap.

    Ingår i Almedalen, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Kahata, Kaoru; Maturi, Varun; Moustakas, Aristidis

    TGF-beta Family Signaling in Ductal Differentiation and Branching Morphogenesis

    Ingår i Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Blixt, Maria K. E.; Konjusha, Dardan; Ring, Henrik; Hallböök, Finn et al.

    Zinc finger gene nolz1 regulates the formation of retinal progenitor cells and suppresses the Lim3/Lhx3 phenotype of retinal bipolar cells in chicken retina

    Ingår i Developmental Dynamics, s. 630-641, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Chen, Gang; Guan, Nan; Liu, Di; He, Qingqiang et al.

    Utilization-Based Scheduling of Flexible Mixed-Criticality Real-Time Tasks

    Ingår i I.E.E.E. transactions on computers (Print), s. 543-558, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Millett, Jonathan; Foot, George W.; Thompson, Julia C.; Svensson, Brita et al.

    Geographic variation in Sundew (Drosera) leaf colour: plant-plant interactions counteract expected effects of abiotic factors

    Ingår i Journal of Biogeography, s. 582-592, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Balaz, Pavel; Zonda, Martin; Carva, Karel; Maldonado, Pablo et al.

    Transport theory for femtosecond laser-induced spin-transfer torques

    Ingår i Journal of Physics, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Srivastava, Anurag; Khan, Md. Shahzad; Ahuja, Rajeev

    Electron transport in NH3/NO2 sensed buckled antimonene

    Ingår i Solid State Communications, s. 1-7, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Lugano, Roberta; Vemuri, Kalyani; Yu, Di; Bergqvist, Michael et al.

    CD93 promotes integrin-β1 activation and fibronectin fibrillogenesis during tumor angiogenesis.

    Ingår i Journal of Clinical Investigation, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Yu, Young-Sang; Farmand, Maryam; Kim, Chunjoong; Liu, Yijin et al.

    Three-dimensional localization of nanoscale battery reactions using soft X-ray tomography

    Ingår i Nature Communications, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Greczynski, G.; Primetzhofer, Daniel; Hultman, L.

    Reference binding energies of transition metal carbides by core-level x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy free from Ar+ etching artefacts

    Ingår i Applied Surface Science, s. 102-110, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Klarbring, Johan; Skorodumova, Natalia V.; Simak, Sergei I.

    Finite-temperature lattice dynamics and superionic transition in ceria from first principles

    Ingår i Physical Review B, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Heinrichs, Jannica; Olsson, Mikael; Almqvist, Bjarne; Jacobsson, Staffan et al.

    Initial surface failure and wear of cemented carbides in sliding contact with different rock types

    Ingår i Wear, s. 43-55, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    de Bekker-Grob, Esther W.; Juhaeri, Juhaeri; Kihlbom, Ulrik; Levitan, Bennett et al.

    Giving patients' preferences a voice in the medical product lifecycle: why, when and how?: The public-private PREFER project: Work package 2

    Ingår i ISPOR Value & Outcomes Spotlight, s. 19 19-21 21, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Vasilakaki, M.; Margaris, G.; Peddis, D.; Mathieu, Roland et al.

    Monte Carlo study of the superspin glass behavior of interacting ultrasmall ferrimagnetic nanoparticles

    Ingår i Physical Review B, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Falk Delgado, Alberto; Falk Delgado, Anna

    Home institution bias in the New England Journal of Medicine?: A noninferiority study on citation rates

    Ingår i Scientometrics, s. 607-611, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Eriksson, Thomas; Berg, Per; Olerud, Claes; Shalabi, Adel et al.

    Low-dose CT of postoperative pelvic fractures: a comparison with radiography.

    Ingår i Acta Radiologica, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Jen, K-L. Catherine; Jamil, Hikmet; Zhou, Kequan; Breejen, Karen et al.

    Sex Differences and Predictors of Changes in Body Weight and Noncommunicable Diseases in a Random, Newly-Arrived Group of Refugees Followed for Two Years

    Ingår i Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, s. 283-294, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Larsen, Malte Selch; Juul, Rasmus Vestergaard; Groth, Andreas Velsing; Simonsson, Ulrika S H et al.

    Prediction of human pharmacokinetics of activated recombinant factor VII and B-domain truncated factor VIII from animal population pharmacokinetic models of haemophilia

    Ingår i European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, s. 196-203, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Lee, Doojin; Nowinski, Daniel; Augustine, Robin

    A UWB sensor based on resistively-loaded dipole antenna for skull healing on cranial surgery phantom models

    Ingår i Microwave and optical technology letters (Print), s. 897-905, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Oskarsson, Trausti; Soderhäll, Stefan; Arvidson, Johan; Forestier, Erik et al.

    Treatment-related mortality in relapsed childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia

    Ingår i Pediatric Blood & Cancer, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    van Dijkman, Sven C.; Wicha, Sebastian G.; Danhof, Meindert; Della Pasqua, Oscar E. et al.

    Individualized Dosing Algorithms and Therapeutic Monitoring for Antiepileptic Drugs

    Ingår i Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, s. 663-673, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Sigmundsson, Thorir Svavar; Öhman, Tomas; Hallbäck, Magnus; Redondo, Eider et al.

    Performance of a capnodynamic method estimating effective pulmonary blood flow during transient and sustained hypercapnia

    Ingår i Journal of clinical monitoring and computing, s. 311-319, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Wallen, E. Flygare; Ljunggren, G.; Carlsson, Axel C; Pettersson, D. et al.

    High prevalence of diabetes mellitus, hypertension and obesity among persons with a recorded diagnosis of intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder

    Ingår i Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, s. 269-280, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Ziermann, Janine M.; Clement, Alice M.; Ericsson, Rolf; Olsson, Lennart et al.

    Cephalic muscle development in the Australian lungfish, Neoceratodus forsteri

    Ingår i Journal of morphology (1931. Print), s. 494-516, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Hellevuo, H.; Sainio, M.; Huhtala, H.; Olkkola, K. T. et al.

    Good quality of life before cardiac arrest predicts good quality of life after resuscitation

    Ingår i Acta Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica, s. 515-521, 2018.

  • Artikel i tidskrift

    Cocozza, Sirio; Pontillo, Giuseppe; Quarantelli, Mario; Sacca, Francesco et al.

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